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Pegasus Project: Malware used against journalists and dissidents

Stunning revelations of a global epidemic of surveillance using malicious spyware. Plus, Bild’s battle for political influence in Germany.

A global consortium of media outlets blew the lid off a huge surveillance scandal revealing how the hacking tool Pegasus has been used by governments around the world to spy on dissidents and journalists via their mobile phones.

Rohini Singh – Reporter, The Wire
Bradley Hope – Co-founder, Project Brazen
Laurent Richard – Founder, Forbidden Stories
Eva Galperin – Director, Electronic Frontier Foundation

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American media outlets have been feasting on a story – the billionaire space race. Richard Gizbert and producer Meenakshi Ravi discuss how the mass of coverage squares alongside another story about the planet that is far more consequential – climate change.

Bild’s battle for political influence in Germany

There is a crucial election coming in Germany, and its biggest tabloid, Bild, is trying to preserve its place at the heart of German politics.

Julian Reichelt – Editor-in-chief, Bild
Günter Wallraff – Investigative journalist & author, The Lead
Moritz Tschermak – Editor-in-chief, BILDblog & author, How Bild divides society with fear and hate
Margreth Lünenborg – Professor of journalism, Free University Berlin