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Nigeria: The tweet that got Twitter banned

Is the Nigerian government’s Twitter ban more about controlling dissent than about regulating the platform? Plus, the racist legacy of colonial postcards.

The tit-for-tat in Nigeria that saw Twitter banned by the government.


Mercy Abang – Journalist

Lai Mohammed – Nigerian minister for information and culture

Gbenga Sesan – Executive director, Paradigm Initiative

Fisayo Soyombo – Editor-in-chief, Foundation for Investigative Journalism

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It’s election time in Algeria and the government is feeling the heat on the streets. Richard Gizbert and producer Flo Phillips discuss its response – arresting journalists, and taking broadcasters off the air.

A snapshot of empire: The racist legacy of colonial postcards

How the golden age of postcards left behind a legacy of racism that continues to shape perceptions of Africans today.


Sarah Sentilles – Writer and critical theorist

Olubukola Gbadegesin – Associate professor, Saint Louis University

Stephen Hughes – Senior lecturer, SOAS

Julie Crooks – Curator, Art Gallery of Ontario