The Listening Post

Incite and inflame: Israel’s manipulation of the media

The Listening Post breaks down Israel’s media strategy of distraction, disinformation and diversion. Plus, the Western influencers online contesting claims of a genocide in Xinjiang.

Ceasefire in Gaza: As journalists in the Strip stop to catch their breath, Israel’s media stand accused of inciting violence against Palestinians.


Yara Hawari – Academic and writer; senior analyst, Al Shabaka

Tareq Baconi – Senior analyst, International Crisis Group

Joshua Leifer – Assistant editor, Jewish Currents

Rami Younis – Palestinian journalist

On our radar

In Qatar, a Kenyan who blogged under the pen name “Noah” about his life as a migrant worker in the Arab Gulf state finds himself in custody. Richard Gizbert and producer Johanna Hoes discuss the case of Malcolm Bidali.

The Xinjiang whitewash

Meet the white Western influencers helping China contest claims of genocide in Xinjiang.


Mareike Ohlberg – Senior fellow (Asia Program), German Marshall Fund

Sophie Richardson – China director, Human Rights Watch

Amelia Pang – Author of Made in China

Shelley Zhang – Writer, China Uncensored