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Amazon’s PR offensive: Taking on critics, unions and lawmakers

Amazon lashes out at bad coverage, angry lawmakers and workers seeking to unionise. Plus, broadcasting under lockdown puts bookshelves in the spotlight.

Facing scrutiny over working conditions and a union’s drive to get employees organised, Amazon’s PR pushback seems to be doing more harm than good.


Ken Klippenstein – Reporter, The Intercept

Jonathan Capriel – Writer, Washington Business Journal

Alex Press – Writer, Jacobin Magazine

James Bloodworth – Author, Hired: Six Months Undercover in Low-Wage Britain

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The WHO released the findings of its investigation into the origins of the new coronavirus. Producer Meenakshi Ravi talks to Richard Gizbert about Western doubts on the credibility of the report and Beijing’s grievances with the news coverage.

Framing the self: The rise of the bookshelf aesthetic

With so many pundits working from home, creating a backdrop has become an exercise in self-branding; bookshelves have become the background of choice.


Tamar Garb – Professor of art history, UCL

Bernie Hogan – Senior research fellow, Oxford Internet Institute

Hussein Kesvani – Culture and technology journalist

Alex Christofi – Editorial director, Transworld Books