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Dazed and confused: Europe’s troubled COVID vaccine rollout

Mixed messaging and misinformation hamper Europe’s hesitant COVID-19 vaccine rollout.

Scientists say vaccines are our way out of this pandemic. But with trust in vaccination at an all-time low, the role of the messengers – politicians, pharmaceutical companies and the news media – is as important as ever.

Kai Kupferschmidt – Contributing correspondent, Science Magazine
Hristio Boytchev – Germany correspondent, Research Europe
Deborah Fuller – Professor, University of Washington School of Medicine
Mun-Keat Looi – International features editor, The BMJ

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From COVID conspiracism to vaccine hesitancy: France’s other epidemic

France is where lab vaccines were invented – so how did the French grow so sceptical, so reluctant to get the COVID jab?

Lucie Delaporte – Journalist, Médiapart
Richard Sénéjoux – Senior reporter, Télérama
Antoine Bristielle – Sociologist, Sciences Po & Researcher, Fondation Jean-Jaurès