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High-risk news coverage: Reporting the crackdown in Myanmar

Myanmar’s military leaders are deploying forces, both armed and digital, to stifle news coverage. Plus, partisan punditry on Britain’s airwaves.

As military leaders ban independent media and arrest reporters, citizen journalists become an information lifeline in Myanmar.


Swe Win – Editor-in-chief, Myanmar Now

Aye Chan Naing – Chief editor, Democratic Voice of Burma

Wai Hnin Pwint Thon – The Burma Campaign UK

Wai Wai Nu – Human rights activist; founder, Women’s Peace Network

On our radar

In Russia, opposition figure Alexey Navalney is locked up in prison. Producer Tariq Nafi talks to Richard Gizbert about how the part-politician, part-journalist is still managing to get the word out.

The ‘anti-woke’ challengers looking to disrupt UK broadcast media

To the right? Britain braces for two new broadcasters who are out to rebalance TV news.


Robin Aitken – Former BBC reporter; author, Can We Trust the BBC?

Martin Fletcher – Former foreign editor, The Times

Stewart Purvis – Former chief executive and editor-in-chief, ITN; former content and standards partner, Ofcom

Ash Sarkar –  Contributing editor, Novara Media