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Arrests and defamation: Bollywood in the dock in Modi’s India

Superstar Shah Rukh Khan is at the heart of the latest case of Indian authorities taking Bollywood to task. Plus Alarm Phone, the refugee hotline and lifeline.

Aryan Khan, the son of one of India’s biggest movie stars, Shah Rukh Khan, was charged with possessing and trafficking drugs. We take a look at the drug bust that tells a story of the conflict between the Indian authorities and Bollywood.

Namrata Joshi – Journalist and film critic
Vivek Agnihotri – Film director
Sucharita Tyagi – Film critic
Tejaswini Ganti – Assistant Professor, Anthropology and Film Studies, NYU

On our radar:

Facebook is again in our news feeds, and once again for the wrong reasons. Richard Gizbert speaks to producer Nic Muirhead about the continuing fallout from the whistleblower that has a consortium of news outlets on the company’s case.

Alarm Phone: The refugee hotline and lifeline

We discuss Alarm Phone, the hotline for refugees at sea that is helping to get their stories heard.

Jacob Berkson – Activist, Alarm Phone
Giorgos Christides – Reporter, Der Spiegel
Giorgos Kosmopoulos – Greece researcher, Amnesty International
Notis Mitarachi – Greek Minister of Migration and Asylum