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The Abraham Accords: The PR of the ‘peace deals’

Gulf states sell normalisation as a win for regional peace by managing the media narrative and suppressing dissent.

The talk in the Middle East these days is of “normalisation” – between Gulf states and Israel. However, the media push to normalise normalisation started before the deals were signed and is likely to go on for a while.


Maryam al-Khawaja – Bahraini human rights activist

Iyad el-Baghdadi – Founder, Arab Tyrant Manual; President, Kawaakibi Foundation

Ayala Panievsky, Media researcher; University of Cambridge

Hussein Ibish – Arab Gulf States Institute

On our radar

In the United States, an affiliate of the Al Jazeera Network – AJ+ – is ordered to register as a foreign agent. Meenakshi Ravi speaks to producer Nic Muirhead about the impact.

Life after the blast: Beirut through the eyes of journalists

They have reported on mounting crises, a chronically corrupt government, a collapsing state – and then came the explosion. What is it like to be a journalist in Lebanon today?


Ramzi Haidar – Photojournalist

Diana Moukalled – Managing editor, Daraj

Jad Ghosn – Reporter, al-Jadeed