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That doctored image and souring Sino-Australian relations

Simmering tensions between China and Australia come to a boil over a provocative tweet. Plus, the Serbian war criminals rewriting history.

China and Australia, two major trading partners, are now using their respective media outlets – in different ways and to different extents – to trash talk one another.


Yang Yao – Professor, Peking University

Yun Sun – Co-director, Stimson Center

Eryk Bagshaw – China correspondent, Sydney Morning Herald

Yun Jiang – China Policy Centre, Australian National University

On our radar

Uganda has a presidential election coming up. Richard Gizbert speaks to producer Flo Phillips about the risks journalists in Kampala are taking to cover it.

Serbian war criminals turned authors: Rewriting Yugoslav history

Convicted war criminals in Serbia and their efforts to rewrite history from behind bars.


Aleksandar Brezar – Western Balkans Network Lead, The Democratic Society; Co-host, Sarajevo Calling

Emir Suljagic – Director, Srebrenica Genocide Memorial; Professor, International University of Sarajevo

Vladimir Petrovic – Historian

Natasa Kandic – Founder, Humanitarian Law Center