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The president’s taxes: A story to ‘Trump’ all the others?

Days before the first presidential debate, The New York Times drops a bombshell of a story. Plus, the Republicans taking on Trump with viral advertisements.

President Donald Trump has survived one bombshell news report after another. Last week, The New York Times dropped a story that may prove to be the last straw.


Eric Alterman – Columnist, The Nation

Claire Potter – Author, Political Junkies

Alex Shephard – Staff writer, The New Republic

Molly Jong-Fast – Editor-at-large, The Daily Beast

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On-the-ground coverage of the fighting between Azerbaijan and Armenia is scarce. Richard Gizbert speaks to producer Johanna Hoes on the difficulties of reporting the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict.

Viral advertisements and voting: Can anti-Trump Republicans sway an election?

Two breakaway Republican groups have launched enormous online campaigns aimed at defeating their own candidate, President Donald Trump.


Rick Wilson – Co-founder, The Lincoln Project; Author, Running Against the Devil: A Plot to Save America from Trump – and Democrats from Themselves

Osita Nwanevu – Staff writer, The New Republic

Joanna Weiss – Contributing editor, Politico Magazine

Paul Waldman – Opinion writer, The Washington Post; Senior writer, American Prospect