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Westminster attack: The media’s ‘terror’ template

The attack in Westminster saw British media revert to a familiar template. Plus, Romania’s media challenges politicians.

On The Listening Post this week: The attack in Westminster saw British media revert to a familiar template. We dissect that coverage. Plus, corrupt politicians versus corrupted media in Romania.

Westminster Attack: The media’s “terror” template

From breaking news to a familiar story: A deadly attack at the gates of the UK parliament has the news media reaching for well-worn templates and the government calling for greater powers of surveillance.

Maya Goodfellow, columnist, media diversified
Rachel Shabi, journalist and author
Thomas Hughes, executive director, Article 19
Tahir Abbas, senior research fellow, Royal United Services Institute

On Our Radar

• Governments in Moscow and Minsk seemed to be on the same page when dealing with political demonstrations in the two countries – and contending with the journalists covering them.

• Journalists take to the streets in Mexico to protest a climate of impunity for journalist murders, after a third reporter is killed in a month.

• Three years since the Thai military ousted the civilian government and took over the reins of the country, it’s tightening the screws on dissent, suspending a TV channel for what it deems “biased and unfair reporting”.

Corruption in Romania’s media

Is media in Romania caught in a conflict of interest when reporting the country’s top news story?

Andreea Cretulescu, presenter, Romania TV
Mirela Neag, investigative reporter, Gazeta Sportului
Cristian Pantazi, editor,
Razvan Martin, media freedom advocate, ActiveWatch