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Netanyahu’s media manipulation revealed

The tale of the tape that puts the lie to the Israeli PM’s media narrative. Plus, the Zimbabwean journalists’ dilemma.

On The Listening Post this week: Netanyahu’s media scandal – the story of the tape that caused “explosions” across Israel. Plus, the dilemma Zimbabwean journalists face when covering Mugabe.

Netanyahu’s media games exposed 

Leaked audio tapes have allegedly revealed how Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu tried to negotiate a deal with Arnon Mozes, the owner of the Yedioth Ahronoth newspaper, and the man Netanyahu has repeatedly called his media nemesis. The extra twist in the tale is that Netanyahu was seemingly willing to sell out Israel Hayom – the newspaper that’s been most favourable towards him.

Talking us through the story: Anat Balint, writer, Seventh Eye; Rafi Mann, associate professor, School of Communication, Ariel University; Anshel Pfeffer, writer, Haaretz; Rottem Danon, editor-in-chief, Liberal.

On our radar:

  • BuzzFeed publishes a dossier full of bombshell allegations – ones they admit are unverified – about President-elect Donald Trump
  • Facebook hires a former CNN anchor to improve its relationship with the media
  • Five outspoken activists and bloggers go missing in Pakistan with fears that they were abducted by the government

Zimbabwe: Succession, factions and the media

President Robert Mugabe still rules Zimbabwe, but his party, the Zanu-PF, is in strife over who will come after him. The state media’s dilemma is how to report the succession battles when talking about Mugabe’s succession is an editorial red line.

Contributors: Kholani Nyathi, editor, The Standard; Caesar Zvayi, editor, The Herald; Fadzayi Mahere, advocate; Munyaradzi Dodo, online activist, @OPENPARLYZW.