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Zimbabwe unrest: Media triggers, media controls

What role does social media play in the current Zimbabwe protests? Plus, journalism caught in the crossfire in Yemen.

On The Listening Post this week: With Zimbabwe experiencing its biggest protests in years, we look at the role of social media. Plus, the hold on journalism in Yemen. 

Zimbabwe: Online activists or cyber terrorism?

Zimbabwe is seeing the biggest anti-government protests in years, with social media a major driving force. While the government of President Robert Mugabe has labelled online opposition as ‘cyber terrorism’, online activists are pushing to get their message out to as many Zimbabweans as possible. The question is: How far will the government go to control the on (and off) line media narrative?

On our radar:

  • Yet more journalists are imprisoned in Turkey following July’s military coup.

  • Major changes to the TV landscape in Greece after a number of private channels are cut.

  • Kosovo’s state broadcaster has come under attack over coverage of a border dispute with Montenegro.

  • Prosecutors in Paraguay open an investigation into allegations that the military may have spied on a journalist.

Yemen’s media battleground

With peace talks bogged down, nearly three million people displaced and a desperate need for humanitarian aid, Yemen is a story that needs to be told. But with takeovers, kidnappings, threats and attacks, Yemeni journalists – and the media narrative – are often caught in a crossfire.