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Turkey: From failed coup to media crackdown

A look at the ongoing crackdown facing Turkish media. Plus, Oscar-winning screenwriter Josh Singer talks ‘Spotlight’.

On The Listening Post this week: following Turkey’s failed coup, we cover the continuing crackdown on the media. Plus, we talk with Oscar-winning screenwriter Josh Singer about ‘Spotlight’.

Turkey: From failed coup to media purge

Last month, news offices were stormed and journalists threatened by soldiers during Turkey’s attempted coup. This month, news outlets are being shut down and journalists are being arrested by a government determined to wrest back control. We look at what the role and fate of Turkey’s media could be in the months to come.

Talking us through the story are: Gulnur Aybet, Professor of International Relations at Bahcesehir University; Mahir Zeynalov, Journalist; Ismail Saymaz, Investigative journalist, Hurriyet; Harun Armagan, AK Party.

On our radar:

  • Israel points its finger at Facebook in its battle against online incitement.
  • The UK’s Guardian newspaper is cutting jobs after record losses.
  • Journalists in Tajikistan will have to keep it simple or risk being fined for being “incomprehensible to readers”.

In conversation with ‘Spotlight’ screenwriter Josh Singer

Oscar-winning screenwriter Josh Singer’s best known films, ‘Spotlight’ and ‘The Fifth Estate’, tell compelling stories about modern journalism. We spoke with Singer in New York City and asked him how he sees the role and the story of the US media in this election cycle.