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Peru’s election: Media, money and manipulation

Corruption and cover-ups: How the media cover Peru’s elections; plus, war and peace: Colombia’s unreconciled narratives.

On The Listening Post this week: Corruption and cover-ups – covering the elections in Peru. Plus, war and peace: Colombia’s unreconciled narratives.

Peru’s election: Media, money and manipulation

Peruvians head to the polls this week in a presidential election that’s been marred by allegations of money laundering and media manipulation. We analyse the coverage, Peru’s powerful media conglomerates and the political battles playing out across the airwaves.

Talking us through the story are: Mirko Lauer, journalist, La Republica; Mayra Alban, former journalist, Las cosas como son, Panamericana TV; Miklos Lukacs, Esan Graduate School of Business; and Oscar Castilla, investigative journalist, Ojo Publico.

On our radar

  • The Philippines was already one of the world’s most dangerous countries to report on. And now the country’s president-elect is saying that journalists deserve to be killed if they don’t behave.
  • In Cairo, three leaders at the Egyptian Press Syndicate have been arrested and charged with “harbouring fugitives and publishing false news”.
  • Iran has effectively put the Berlin-based messaging app Telegram on notice: It has one year to transfer its servers into the country or the app will be out of business in the Islamic Republic.

War and peace: Colombia’s unreconciled narratives

After 60 years of fighting between the Colombian government and the leftist guerrilla group FARC – the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia – an historic peace deal could be in sight.

But as the story moves forward, are the mainstream news media willing to move forward, too?

Talking us through the story are: Hassan Nassar, director, LA FM, RCN; Marta Ruiz, journalist, La Semana; Maria Jimena Duzan, presenter, Semana En Vivo; Boris Guevara, presenter, New Colombia News; and Yadira Suarez, presenter, New Colombia News.