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Dakota Access Pipeline: Protests, politics and coverage

Despite scant media attention to the protests, Native Americans emerge victorious; plus, Netanyahu, Israel’s media man.

On The Listening Post this week: Despite scant media attention to their six-month long protests, Native Americans and their supporters emerge victorious. Plus, Israel’s media man, Netanyahu.

Dakota Access Pipeline: Protests, politics and the press

After more than six months of protests, the Native American Standing Rock tribe and their supporters have wrested a victory in the case of the Dakota Access Pipeline. The scant coverage of these protests highlight at least two areas where the American mainstream media consistently underperforms – indigenous and environmental issues.

Talking us through the story are: Tristan Ahtone, freelance journalist; Amy Goodman, host, Democracy Now!; Amy Sisk, journalist, Prairie Public TV & Radio; and Sydney Brownstone, reporter, The Stranger newspaper, Seattle.

On our radar:

  • The Gulf Kingdom of Bahrain has once again denied access to a journalist from the Al Jazeera Media Network, blocking him from covering the 37th Gulf Cooperation Council.
  • Liberal media watchdog, Media Matters for America, is shifting the focus of its coverage, from monitoring cable news to spending more time scrutinising “alt-right” media outlets and fake news.
  • The government of Azerbaijan is tightening its already firm grip on the media – in the last month, three journalists have been arrested, two prominent news websites blocked and a new online defamation law passed.

Netanyahu: Israel’s media manipulator

Beset by allegations of corruption, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is blaming the messenger. The only Israeli prime minister in history to serve as communications minister as well, Netanyahu routinely berates journalists, criticises media coverage and paints himself a victim of a media system that he seems determined to reshape.

Talking us through the story are: Igal Sarna, columnist, Yedioth Ahronoth newspaper; Dr. Anat Balint, Seventh Eye; Yoaz Hendel, head, Institute for Zionist Strategies; Yariv Levin, Israeli minister of tourism; and Tal Schneider, independent journalist and blogger.