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Black Gold

A powerful documentary that contrasts the plight of Ethiopian coffee farmers with the multi-billion dollar industry.

Tadesse Meskela, manager of a coffee growers’ Co-operative Union

Black Gold is a powerful documentary that contrasts the plight of Ethiopian coffee farmers with the multi-billion dollar industry, examining the inequalities of the global market for coffee.


The film follows Tadesse Meskela, manager of a coffee growers’ Co-operative Union, as he attempts to find buyers willing to pay a fair price for the high quality beans produced by his 74,000 farmers. Black Gold reveals the enormous power of the multinational players, the New York commodity traders, the international coffee exchanges, and the double dealings of trade ministers at the World Trade Organisation.


The co-directors and brothers, Nick and Mark Francis, join Amanda Palmer at the Everyman Cinema for our Q&A. “The reaction has been quite overwhelming. It turns out we’ve ruffled a few feathers”, says Marc about the way the big players in the coffee industry have responded to the film.


Black Gold has been challenging audiences at film festivals around the world, and has just opened in Los Angeles. 


Visit www.blackgoldmovie.com for more info.



Eddie Murphy and Jennifer Hudson

After winning two Golden Globes, Dreamgirls is now heading to next month’s Academy Awards with eight nominations – although it was overlooked for the most coveted category: best picture.


Based loosely on the story of The Supremes – the 1960’s Motown girl trio which launched Diana Ross to the world – the musical follows the aspirations of three young singers, Effie (Jennifer Hudson), Deena (Beyoncé Knowles) and Lorrell (Anika Noni Rose) as they battle racism, and each other, in their quest for the limelight.


Academy Award winner Jamie Foxx plays their ambitious manager, but the Globes winners and Oscar nominees for best actor and actress belong to former American Idol finalist Jennifer Hudson and Eddie Murphy for his depiction as the legendary soul singer James ‘Thunder’ Early. It’s Murphy’s first major Hollywood honour after previously losing out three times.


Phillip Noyce’s Catch A Fire

Amanda Palmer with Phillip Noyce

Amanda Palmer gets talking to fellow Aussie, director Phillip Noyce – the man behind action blockbusters like Patriot Games and Clear and Present Danger.


Having worked in Hollywood for nearly two decades, he’s now decided to focus his direction on smaller, more independent films like his most recent, Catch a Fire. Starring Tim Robbins and Derek Luke, the film readdresses issues of apartheid, hinting at its relevance and impact on world issues today.


Having first moved away from Hollywood in 2004 with Aboriginal drama Rabbit Proof Fence, Noyce talks to us about how he’s using his Hollywood connections to give a platform to indigenous stories through film.


Dario Marianelli

Dario Marianelli
working on
The Brothers Grimm

When Italian pianist Dario Marianelli moved to London twelve years ago, he thought he’d improve his English and survive with a job as a piano tuner. That plan failed dismally. Instead, he’s now an Oscar nominated composer, writing scores for films which include The Brothers Grimm and V for Vendetta.


Marianelli invites Amanda Palmer to his studio, where he explains how drinking lots of English tea helped him compose his 2005 Oscar nominated score, for the Victorian period film Pride and Prejudice.

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