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One politi­cian’s at­tempt to solve the prob­lem of a dwin­dling pop­u­la­tion in rur­al Slo­va­kia by play­ing cu­pid.

Published On 13 Sep 2011
Matchmaking Mayor - The Fabulous Picture show

How the art of ne­go­ti­a­tion de­fus­es con­fronta­tion on the streets of Chica­go.

Published On 8 Sep 2011
The Fabulous Picture Show - The Interrupters

Eric Khoo joins Aman­da Palmer to talk about his an­i­mat­ed fea­ture based on one of Japan’s most im­por­tant man­ga artists.

Published On 2 Sep 2011
The Fabulous Picture Show - Tatsumi

The voice of a con­ti­nent – Miri­am Make­ba’s sto­ry as a po­lit­i­cal ac­tivist and leg­endary per­former.

Published On 18 Aug 2011
South African activist Miriam Makeba FOR FABULOUS PICTURE SHOW

A sto­ry about how Rus­sia’s rich­est man end­ed up in a Siber­ian prison fol­low­ing his fierce ri­val­ry with Vladimir Putin.

Published On 12 Aug 2011
the fabulous picture show - khodorkovsky

More than 20 years of home movies from one Is­raeli film­mak­er tell the sto­ry of a na­tion.

Published On 7 Aug 2011
The Queen Has No Crown - for Fabulous Picture Show

A sto­ry about a mi­grant com­mu­ni­ty in an in­creas­ing­ly glob­alised world.

Published On 30 Jul 2011
Almanya - film for FPS

A look at one un­usu­al young man and his in­volve­ment with the Bel­gian hor­mone mafia.

Published On 2 Jun 2011
The Fabulous Picture Show - FPS - Bullhead

A look at Ayr­ton Sen­na’s trag­ic sto­ry – told in his own words and the words of those who knew and adored him.

Published On 24 May 2011
Fabulous Picture Show - FPS - Senna

Film­mak­er An­dres Veiel looks into the emo­tion­al side of Ger­many’s tur­bu­lent post-war po­lit­i­cal scene.

Published On 7 May 2011
The Fabulous Picture Show- FPS - If not Us, Who?