Liver on a Chip

How chips that mimic the function of living human organs could mean a quicker and safer way to test drugs.

The ability of scientists to develop new drugs is hampered by the fact that testing on animals has limitations when it comes to use in humans, and testing on humans carries the risk of dangerous side effects.

But new technologies being developed across the world are trying to replicate human organs on microchips, allowing scientists to test drugs in a safe and controlled way.

Organs-on-Chips are micro devices lined with living human cells which replicate the tissue structures and biological function of human organs, including lungs, hearts, kidneys and livers. In London, CN Bio Innovations have created a human “LiverChip”, with the hope that new drugs can be found to help treat and cure liver diseases. 

Join Dr Guddi Singh in London, England to see how this bioengineering could revolutionise the way that life-saving drugs are tested.