Jordan’s Rehabilitation Clinic for Victims of War

We visit the only hospital in the Middle East dedicated to free reconstructive surgery for people injured in war.

Over the past decade, conflicts in the Middle East have taken a huge toll on human life.

Those people who survive the bombs and bullets can be left with incredibly complex injuries, which their countries’ beleaguered health care systems are in no position to treat.  

In Amman, Jordan, the international medical charity Doctors Without Borders runs the region’s only specialist reconstructive surgery hospital for victims of war, offering free treatment and rehabilitation for people with severe and complex injuries.

It’s thought to be one of the only hospitals in the world dedicated to carrying out highly sophisticated procedures such as facial reconstruction, microsurgery and tissue expansion for survivors of war.

Around 630,000 refugees from Syria alone are registered as living in Jordan, making up nearly 10% of Jordan’s total population.

We meet a young man receiving facial reconstructive surgery and a little girl undergoing physiotherapy after she lost her lower leg in a rocket attack in Syria.  

Join Dr Javid Abdelmoneim in Amman, Jordan, as he visits the doctors helping rebuild the bodies and the lives of those injured in the violence.