The Bottom Line

Coronavirus spreads uncertainty from Main Street to Wall Street

What can the Trump administration do to mitigate the health risks and prevent an economic setback?

Throughout the United States concern about the spread of the novel coronavirus has topped the headlines for weeks.

Travel plans are being cancelled and election campaigns have suspended their rallies as people wonder about attending any event with crowds.

The US administration announced that it is working on a fiscal stimulus package to shore up the economy. It may include paying sick leave for hourly workers to make sure that workers do not hesitate to get tested, even if it leads to a quarantine period.

Many economists noted that the epidemic has exposed important issues in US society, including income inequality and uniform access to healthcare.

In this episode of The Bottom Line, host Steve Clemons and his panel explore the economic fallout of the epidemic.


Dr Ali Khan – Former US Assistant Surgeon General and former Director of the Centers for Disease Control Office of Public Health Preparedness and Response

Claudia Sahm – Economist with the Washington Center for Equitable Growth

Jonathan Gruber – Professor of economics at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and former President of the American Society of Health Economists

Kathleen Tierney – Professor of sociology at the University of Colorado and author of Disasters: A Sociological Approach