The Big Picture

France in Focus: The legacy of colonialism in France

The second of a four-part series examining France’s struggle to live up to its founding ideals. This episode explores the legacy of colonialism in France today.

France is in the midst of an identity crisis – grappling with some important questions about what kind of country it is, and what kind of country it wants to be.

In this episode of The Big Picture: France in Focus, we will deal with a legacy of France’s history that still plays a crucial role in its present colonialism.

Presenter Myriam Francois is taken on a “colonial tour” of Paris museums by Congolese activist, as well as speaking to a “decolonial coach” about transgenerational trauma. Joining her in the studio discussion are Grace Ly, Sally Alassane Thiam and Dorothee Myriam Kellou.