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A pandemic, a quest for racial justice, a divisive election – 2020 was one of the most turbulent years in US history.

Published On 11 Feb 2021
Video Duration 01 hours 38 minutes 58 seconds

What is China? How ancient Chinese principles help explain the preservation, power and problems of modern China.

Published On 10 Dec 2019
Soldiers of People''s Liberation Army (PLA) are seen before a giant screen as Chinese President Xi Jinping speaks at the military parade
Video Duration 48 minutes 53 seconds

How will Artificial Intelligence be used in the future? Who will it be used by and who will it be used against?

Published On 13 Jun 2019
The Big Picture: The World According To AI
Video Duration 47 minutes 33 seconds

What led to Muammar Gaddafi’s downfall and the break-up of Libya?

Published On 5 Nov 2018
The Big Picture - The Death of Gaddafi
Video Duration 10 minutes 51 seconds

The legacy of the life and death of Colonel Muammar Gaddafi.

Published On 18 Oct 2018
The Lust for Libya - The Big Picture
Video Duration 01 hours 34 minutes 05 seconds

What led to the economic collapse of Latin America’s richest country?

Published On 14 Feb 2018
Video Duration 10 minutes 14 seconds

The Big Picture examines the present-day crisis in Venezuela by exploring the divisions rooted in its past.

Published On 9 Feb 2018
The Big Picture Venezuela DO NOT USE
Video Duration 48 minutes 55 seconds

We explore the construction of the American Dream and uncover the reality of exclusion and denial.

Published On 16 Feb 2017
President Donald Trump
Video Duration 47 minutes 33 seconds