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Dr Sasa: Army leaders ‘underestimate’ the people of Myanmar

Myanmar’s UN envoy Dr Sasa and Special Rapporteur Tom Andrews discuss their efforts to bring international actions against the country’s military leaders.

February 1 marked the start of a coup by the army in Myanmar. Elected leader Aung San Suu Kyi and other officials were detained and a state of emergency declared.

All communication services were shut down, but that did not stop from people from taking to the streets. Having lived under military rule for 50 years, many were determined to hold onto the democratic government they had gained in 2011.

On this edition of Talk to Al Jazeera, Dr Sasa, the international envoy for Myanmar’s deposed civilian government, and Tom Andrews, the UN’s special rapporteur on Myanmar, talk about what can be done to re-establish democratic rule in the country.