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Lenin Moreno: It is necessary to establish a new ideology

Ecuador’s president talks about his hopes for the future of the region, a shift in ideology and Julian Assange.

Ecuador, like other Latin American countries, faces many challenges including poverty, migration and corruption.

Ecuadorians trusted Lenin Moreno to be the man who would meet those challenges and make their country a better place. is very important to consolidate, renovate and refresh democracy. The only way to do so is by rotating governments and people in power.

by Lenin Moreno, President of Ecuador

Lenin Moreno became president in 2017 after Rafael Correa had governed for 10 years.

Correa, along with Hugo Chavez in Venezuela and Evo Morales in Bolivia, was a self-declared revolutionary; aiming to spread a populist rhetoric in the continent and beyond.

But he was accused of authoritarianism, media censorship, and corruption … And eventually Ecuadorians voted for change.

Lenin Moreno promised more centrist policies, “giving the right hand to all honest businessmen” willing to help boost the country’s economy and “the left hand to the people” who need better social welfare.


by ”Lenin

with options that guarantee his life and security.”]

But with almost a quarter of all Ecuadorians classified as poor, and almost one in 10 living in extreme poverty on less than $50 a month… Is Moreno managing to make a difference?

We’ll find out more as President Moreno discusses his hopes for Ecuador and the region. We will also discuss the controversial case of Julian Assange – the WikiLeaks founder who has spent the past five years living at the Ecuadorian embassy in London. Is he a criminal or hero?

Lenin Moreno, president of Ecuador, talks to Al Jazeera.