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Jeremy Corbyn: You can’t defeat ISIL just with bombs

The leader of the UK’s Labour Party discusses Europe’s refugee crisis, ending the war in Syria, and his ties with Hamas.


by ”Jeremy

has been converted into a glamorous thing for a minority of people around the world and that’s got to change. That’s got to change with political action. You’re not going to change minds just by bombing”]

At 66 years of age, Jeremy Corbyn isn’t exactly the youngest politician in Britain, but his election as leader of the Labour Party and head of the opposition has energised UK politics.

As he campaigned for his party leadership, thousands of people turned up to hear him across the country.

Massive lines of supporters queuing up to listen to the veteran left-wing politician became a symbol of the new movement he has built.

But Corbyn isn’t without critics, his opponents bill him as an activist whose policies are impossible to implement. He believes in re-nationalising Britain’s rails, is a fervant campaigner against nuclear weapons and wants to introduce new taxes on big businesses and the country’s rich.

Corbyn has also stirred controversy with his perceived anti-monarchy beliefs and his past support for Irish resistance groups.

On this week’s Talk to Al Jazeera, he explains what he would do to solve the current refugee crisis facing Europe, his view on ending the war in Syria, and the truth behind his relationship with Palestinian Resistance group Hamas.

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