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What’s happening in Sudan’s civil war? | Start Here

Has the world forgotten Sudan?

After more than a year of civil war, Sudan is facing one of the world’s worst humanitarian disasters. Thousands of people have been killed, millions displaced and children are dying of hunger. In the western region of Darfur, an old conflict has been reignited, and there are new warnings about the risk of genocide in the fight for the city of el-Fasher.

Start Here with Sandra Gathmann explains.

Map data for areas of control (at 2:00): Thomas van Linge | @ThomasVLinge

This episode features:

Kholood Khair, founder and director, Confluence Advisory

Alan Boswell, project director for the Horn of Africa, International Crisis Group

Nathaniel Raymond, executive director of the Humanitarian Research Lab, Yale School of Public Health

Hala Alkarib, regional director, SIHA Network

Dallia Mohamed Adelmoniem, political commentator and analyst

Mathilde Vu, advocacy adviser, Norwegian Refugee Council