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Home favourite

Sportsworld reports on New Zealand’s A1 Grand Prix driver Johnny Reid.

Johnny Reid is determined to win this years title

Team New Zealand’s Jonny Reid was the early pace setter in the A1 grand prix championship, and is determined to go one better and win this years title.


Sportsworld’s Wayne Hay went to meet him.


Chinese cricket

It seems every sport wants to be associated with China, to take advantage of 1.3 billion potential competitors. One of those sports is Cricket.


Ever since the Chinese Cricket Association was founded in 2004 their government has been promoting the sport in its schools and colleges, and they have now started sending out national teams to representative tournaments.


Sportsworld’s Rahul Pathak went to one such tournament in Thailand where he caught up with the China under-19 team.


Lesotho’s race

Lesotho Independence day race

It is one of the most spectacular mountain kingdoms on Earth.


Lesotho in Southern Africa is a country of around two million people, most of whom live in remote mountain villages.


It is one of these villages which recently became the backdrop to one of the world’s most unusual and entertaining horse-races.


Joanna Gasiorowska reports on the Lesotho Independence day race.

This episode of Sportsworld airs on Monday, March 24, 2008

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