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Groundbreaking golfer

Sporstworld’s Wayne Hay talks to rising Chinese golf star Liang wen-Chong.

Liang wen-Chong is going where  no other Chinese
player has been before 

The powers that be in golf are hoping they have a rising star on their hands from a country that is constantly in the spotlight.


Golf is a relatively new sport in China, but now they have someone who is breaking new ground.


Liang wen-Chong is going where no other Chinese player has been before, and he could well have a brand new tour to play on.


Al Jazeera’s Wayne Hay caught up with him.


Football for peace

Football has been low on the list of priorities in Liberia. The West African country has recently endured 14 years of civil war.


Sportsworld reports on the Football for Peace project making its contribution towards uniting former warring factions.


Rare regatta

A rare regatta on the Zambezi river

You are unlikely to see a Zambian crew competing in the coxless 4’s at the Olympics in Beijing this summer.


But it might not be that distant a dream – after all, the nation does host an international rowing regatta on the Zambezi river.


Rahul Pathak reports on one of the world’s most unlikely sporting events.


Archery’s ambitions

Archery has been trying to attract more fans

In five months time the elite of world sport will be gathered in Beijing at the start of the 2008 Olympics.


For smaller Olympic sports, it will be an opportunity to promote their cause in an attempt to gain more exposure, participants, and funding.


One of those sports is archery, which has recently been trying to revamp its image to attract more fans.


It began at the Archery World Cup, and Sportsworld’s Joanna Gasiorowska was there.

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This episode of Sportsworld aired on Monday, March 17, 2008

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