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Chaotic climax

The Twenty20 world championships, doping and the road to 2010.

The world Twenty20 championships were a
resounding success

It has been an important year for cricket. The world cup in the Caribbean was beset with problems, but the sport received a boost with the resounding success of the world Twenty20 championships.

And now Asia has been getting in on the act. Lesser known cricketing nations such as Yemen, Qatar, Oman and Afghanistan have been competing for the inaugural A.C.C. Twenty20 tournament, and as Sportsworld’s Andy Richardson reports, the event came to a thrilling but chaotic climax.

Pound on doping

Dick Pound, the outgoing WADA president,
Talks to Brendan Connor

The World Anti Doping Agency has had a difficult year.

Olympic sprinter Marion Jones, former world tennis number one Martina Hingis, and a host of cyclists in the tour de France were among the big names who failed drugs tests.

WADA have come out fighting, proposing bans of up to four years for dope cheats and reduced sentences for athletes, who co-operate with investigators.

In light of these changes, Al Jazeera’s Brendan Connor had a chance to sit down with Dick Pound, the outgoing president of the World Anti-Doping Agency.

Road to 2010

South Africa is looking ahead to the
2010 world cup

In less than three years time the continent of Africa will be staging football’s world cup for the first time.

The hosts, South Africa are making all the right noises about the event, yet problems with crime, transport, and the potential legacy of the construction have been overshadowing the build up.

So ahead of Friday’s qualifying draw, Sportsworld took a look at South Africa’s preparations.


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