Slavery: A 21st Century Evil

About the show

Hundreds of years after it was legally abolished, why does slavery persist? From impoverished and often illiterate Thai farmers to women forced into prostitution; from men tricked into servitude in Brazil’s brutal charcoal industry to entire families trapped as bonded labourers in Pakistan’s feudal brick kilns – Al Jazeera investigates the flourishing modern slave trade, asking why millions of people are are enslaved today.

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There are an estimated 1.4 million sex slaves in the world today and international trafficking is on the rise.

China is the world’s factory, but does a dark secret lurk behind this apparent success story?

India has the world’s largest number of slaves, among them an increasing number of women and girls sold into marriage.

This new series gives a voice to modern-day slaves, goes in search of the slave masters and asks why slavery persists.