From: Riz Khan

What does the future hold for Haiti?

We ask if Haiti’s new president will succeed where so many others have failed.

They have been billed as the most important elections in Haitian history, but will Haiti’s new president succeed where so many others have failed?

Haitians went to the polling stations on Sunday in run-off elections pitting Michel “Sweet Micky” Martelly, a singer with no political experience, against Mirlande Manigat, a former first lady and senator.


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Fueling tensions, the popular yet divisive former president, Jean-Bertrand Aristide, returned to Haiti on Friday complaining that his party had been excluded and prompting fears of violence.

As international donors wait for a new Haitian government to take office before unlocking billions of dollars in aid, the elections mark a turning point in an all but paralysed project to rebuild a country where nearly a million people are still living on the streets.

On Monday, we will be discussing Haiti’s future with world renowned novelist Edwidge Danticat, and former Haitian minister of culture and award winning film director Raoul Peck.

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