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Karim Rashid

Riz Khan is joined by the rock-star of design.

Karim Rashid

Born in Cairo, raised in Canada and currently based in New York, Karim Rashid,  the rock-star of design, brings his unique perspective to the otherwise mundane world of industrial design.

Whether it’s a contemporary dresser inspired by Egypt’s pyramids or a beautiful dirt devil kone hand vacuum, Rashid believes in democratic design – or design that is accessible to the masses

On Tuesday Riz Khan is joined by Karim Rashid.

We’ll ask him where the future of design is leading, how icons can bring people together and why he is turning to Eastern Europe for inspiration.

Watch this episode of the Riz Khan show on YouTube

Watch this episode of the Riz Khan Street Talk show on YouTube

This episode of Riz Khan aired on Thursday, February 28, 2008

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