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Freedom of expression in Malaysia

We look at the state of online-media and blogging in the country.

Does ‘freedom of expression’ mean the freedom to
do anything you want?

Does ‘freedom of expression’ mean the freedom to do anything you want? What are the responsibilities of citizen journalists and bloggers?

Those questions are at the forefront of a debate in Malaysia where some government officials claim that on-line media sources are engaging in slander and inciting racial divisions.

For their part, bloggers argue that the government is ‘playing politics’.

We will talk to two people at the centre of the current controversy to find out if freedom of the press is truly under attack in Malaysia.

Nat Tan, a blogger who was recently held for four days without charge for a posting on his blog, will join the programme.

He was arrested under Malaysia’s Official Secrets Act and if charged and found guilty could face one to seven years in prison.

Also joining us will be Steven Gan, the founder of Malaysiakini – one of the most popular online media sources. Malaysiakini is facing a civil suit for alleged ‘defemation of character’.

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This episode of Riz Khan aired on 09 August 2007

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