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From: Riz Khan

Child Pornography Bust

Riz speaks to child protection experts about this increasingly global problem.

The sting operation was coordinated across 35
countries [EPA] 

A sting operation coordinated across 35 countries has resulted in the rescue of more than 30 children who were being exploited by predators involved in an internet pornography ring. 

So far, more than 700 users of the ‘Kids the Light of Our Lives’ website have been identified around the globe and they are believed to have swapped thousands of indecent photos.

According to investigators the website was designed as a hierarchy where users gained respect by posting increasingly graphic content, including videos of child abuse. 

Led by the United Kingdom’s Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre and closely coordinated with authorities in the United States, Canada and Australia, officials quietly arrested website host Timothy David Martin Cox of the United Kingdom in September 2006. 

Following Cox’s arrest, undercover agents operated the website’s chat room for 10 days in order to gather evidence. 

On Tuesday, Riz will speak with child protection experts including Jennifer Lee of the National Centre for Missing and Exploited Children about the case, the risks posed by predators and what can be done to protect children from what is becoming an increasingly global problem.

This episode of Riz Khan aired on Wednesday 20 June 2007

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