Risking it all

Delivering ballot boxes and dynamite in Nicaragua

A truck driver delivering ballot boxes, another transporting dynamite, and two priests on a motorbike – all on Nicaragua’s terrible roads.

This film follows three very different missions on Nicaragua’s roads.

Heiner is a truck driver delivering ballot papers and election staff to remote villages for local elections. Failure would mean 90 days in jail. But his truck is ancient and the roads often impassable.

Meanwhile, Hilario has to transport seven-and-a-half tonnes of dynamite and detonators on terrible roads more than 400 kilometres (248 miles) from Managua to the gold-mining town of Bonanza. But he also needs a security escort to fight off any armed gangs that might want to target his cargo. And he needs to reach Bonanza before the river washes away the last bridge into the town.

And finally, two evangelical priests want to grow their regular but dwindling congregation. They need to deliver their message to other towns and villages, and to generate more income from donations in church. Their faith is seriously put to the test as they attempt an arduous journey on a rented motorbike on roads knee-deep in mud and water.