Iran: After the protests

Filmmaker Manon Loizeau secured unique access to young Iranians who took to the streets after disputed 2009 elections.

Acclaimed French filmmaker Manon Loizeau gives a unique behind-the-scenes perspective on the people and events involved in the protest movement that swept Iran eight years ago.

Filmed on the streets of Tehran, the documentary charts the growing tensions in the build-up to the presidential elections of June 12, 2009, the rallies and marches that followed the controversial official announcement of the result and the government’s subsequent aggressive clampdown on dissidents and protesters.

Loizeau followed a group of young Iranians throughout this extraordinary period and captures why they were so angry and willing to risk everything to bring change and political reform to their country. 

Eight years later, Loizeau tells REWIND the hunger for change cannot be suppressed in the Iranian people. 

“The incredible energy of the new generation is there and it really wants to build a new country. And that’s going to be very hard to suppress,” she says.