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We meet doctors at Johannesburg’s ‘Bara’ hospital who are tackling eye problems among South Africa’s poor communities.

Published On 8 Sep 2019
REWIND - Saving Soweto (DON''T USE)
Video Duration 25 minutes 37 seconds

From refugee camps to global fame – the rise of Afghan cricket and how it helped unify and redefine a war-torn nation.

Published On 1 Sep 2019
India v Afganistan - ICC T20 World Cup
Video Duration 25 minutes 24 seconds

We trace a forgotten Hmong community in the jungles of northern Laos who helped the US during the Vietnam War.

Published On 24 Aug 2019
Rewind - the lost tribe [DON''T USE]
Video Duration 25 minutes 22 seconds

A look at the ongoing fight for the right to live in a city that is the beating heart of the holy land.

Published On 15 Aug 2019
Fawzia stands on the ruins of her house, after her Palestinian he lost a land ownership case in Israeli courts
Video Duration 25 minutes 18 seconds

The police shooting of an unarmed black teenager sparked unrest and national debate about systemic racism.

Published On 10 Aug 2019
Demonstrators raise their arms as they protest against the shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri
Video Duration 25 minutes 44 seconds

Cape Town’s urban outsiders put on sharp suits and melodic voices to battle it out for the Silver Fez choir trophy.

Published On 13 Jul 2018
Silver Fez - Rewind
Video Duration 23 minutes 28 seconds