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Bulgaria: At the Crossroads

Will growing public disgust at political corruption be enough to bring change to Bulgaria?

In 2020, public fury at alleged corruption among Bulgaria’s political elite erupted into widespread protests,

Since then, the crisis has seen two inconclusive elections, various prominent officials mired in scandal, and a three-term prime minister, Boyko Borissov, forced from office. His almost 14-year reign came to an end in April 2021 when he failed to secure enough votes to form a government. A new poll was scheduled for July, which this time Borissov’s GERB party lost outright.

But the ostensible winner, TV chat-show host Slavi Trifonov, could hardly claim a mandate either, gaining only 25 percent of votes cast in a multi-candidate race. After declaring his There is Such a People party had no intention of seeking a coalition with rivals, and they, in turn, signalled their determination to reject his proposed list of ministers, Trifonov was forced to withdraw from his attempts to form a government. Now, another election looks likely.

People & Power finds out what lies behind the impasse.