People & Power

Egypt: Seeds of change

People & Power reveals the story behind the unprecedented political protests in Egypt.

It is widely accepted that the spark for the dramatic events in Egypt came from the early 2011 uprising in Tunisia.

If people power could bring down one regime perhaps it could do the same elsewhere.

Many of the necessary conditions were already in place: public fury at years of political repression, an economy that rewarded a corrupt elite and kept a majority in poverty, and widespread loathing for a leader clinging to office.

Could Egyptians be persuaded to overcome 30 years of fear and apathy and take to the streets?

It is no accident that this question has been answered, emphatically.

Over the course of a remarkable fortnight, People & Power has been filming exclusively behind the scenes with a core group of young activists from the April 6th opposition movement.

As Elizabeth Jones reveals, they have spent a long time planning and organising for these momentous days, taking lessons from other revolutions about how to mobilise popular support.