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Courtroom Intifada

How Palestinian villagers quest to regain lost land has ended in court.

For years villagers and protesters in the small West Bank village of Bilin have been trying to regain land lost to the concrete sepoeration wall by the Israelis.


Juliana Ruhfus on the use and abuse of corporate power

Through a campaign of “legal resistance” the vilalgers are also resisting an encroaching Jewish settlement, built where Palestinian villagers once tended their olive groves.

But as an earlier legal victory in the Israeli supreme court continues to be ignored on the ground.

Consequently faced with this intransigence the villagers, helped by an Israeli legal maverick, have file a legal case against international construction companies who are building settlements in the occupied territories.

The charges claim that the companies are violating international human rights and are in breach of the Geneva Convention.

In the latest episode of People & Power’s special series, Corporations on trial, Juliana Ruhfus investigates the case.

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