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Carte de Sejour

We report on the problems facing France’s plans to deport 25,000 illegal immigrants.

Many immigrants in France  deal with the stigma
of being unrecognised residents

What does it mean to live “sans papiers” [without papers] in France?

Soon after winning the presidential elections in May 2007, Nicolas Sarkozy pledged to deport 25,000 illegal immigrants. But four months later, fewer than 14,000 deportations had been carried out.

As a result, the immigration minister has summoned 20 prefects from around the country to chastise them for failing to meet their deportation targets.

This short film explores how so many immigrants in France deal with the stigma of being an unrecognised resident.


“This is not right,” declares one woman who has been waiting in line for a residency permit for hours in sub-zero temperature. “They can’t treat people like animals.”

People & Power will be examining the critical issue of immigration in western Europe in future programmes. 

Thailand in Turmoil

The recent clashes have left communities

Tensions between the supporters and opponents of a multi billion dollar steel smelting plant in a southern Thai province have resulted in a series of violent confrontations in recent months.


The conflict reached a peak in January, when a temporary labourer, Raksak Kongtrakul, was shot dead during fierce clashes.


Ten others were also seriously injured at the construction site. 

The company behind the project, Sahaviriya Steel, claims that protesters were responsible for the violence.


Those that support the multi billion dollar
project call themselves The Greens

The local police have singled out an assistant village headman, Bamrung Soodsawat, as the man who fired the fatal bullet. 

But human rights groups believe that the police have been corrupted into framing Mr. Soodsawat, as part of a broader effort to create the impression that the opponents of the plant are responsible for the violence that has torn the town apart.

People & Power investigates.


Watch this episode of Carte de Sejour on YouTube


Watch this episode of Thailand in Turmoil on YouTube


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