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Moroccan Diary

An Islamist party is set to score big gains in the Moroccan elections.

Can real reform happen in a system that is still fundamentally

Moroccan Diary

Moroccans will soon be heading to the polls for one of the country’s most important elections to date. The 7th of September will see a new Parliament ushered in – one which the international community is not likely to welcome.
The moderate Islamist PJD party (the Partie du Justice et Developpement), is set to score big gains. With some luck – and a royal decree – the PJD may even make it to government, an unusual turn of events in a region where Islamic movements are usually locked out of power.
The move is part of the young King Mohammed the IV’s plan to put his country firmly on a reform path.

Since coming to power eight years ago, King Mohammed the IV has held local elections, introduced a progressive personal law status and apologized for human rights violations committed under his father’s regime – a true ‘visionary leader in the Arab world,’ as one US official called him.

But can real reform happen in a system that is still fundamentally dictatorial?

Zeina Awad travels to Morocco to discover how far down the path of reform Morocco has really gone.

CD piracy has transformed the Brazilian music industry

The Music of the People

CD piracy has transformed the Brazilian music industry.  Last year, Sony and other established record companies saw their share of the Brazilian market drop by 16.6 percent.  

Once mighty record labels are struggling to maintain profits and survive.  But in places like the northern city of Belem, a new way of doing business in music has developed, one that has adapted to the rhythms of the underground economy. 

Rather than fighting piracy, artists are embracing it and turning out new hits and popular stars.

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