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Thailand’s Constitution

For the first time, Thais are being asked to vote for a new constitution.

Voters in Thailand have mixed feelings about whether the referendum will change anything

For the first time in Thailand’s history, people are being asked to vote for a new constitution.

The new charter has redrawn the battle lines between supporters and opponents of exiled prime minister Thaksin Shinawatra. As the referendum is the culmination of the September 2006 military coup and its aftermath, the stakes for the post-coup forces in power are at their highest.

But many voters are approaching the referendum with apathy, saying it would make no difference at all. Others argue that a ‘yes’ vote would legitimise the current government’s seizure of power; A ‘no’ vote, however, would only result in continuing instability and unrest.

People & Power reports.

Blood of the Earth

The UWA tribe is fiercely independent

Calling themselves the ‘Guardians of the Earth’, the UWA tribe of indigenous people in North-East Colombia are renowned for their success in maintaining peaceful relationships with surrounding tribes, always without the use of weapons or war.

Since the discovery of oil in northern Colombia, however, the UWA have struggled to maintain their peaceful way of life. They believe oil to be a sacred substance, a ‘Blood of the Earth’, that if exploited, would provoke a collapse in the UWA culture.

People & Power travel to the tropical Cloud Forest territory in Colombia to explore the ancient UWA tribe’s struggle to preserve their life and culture amidst recent oil discovery and exploitation in their region.

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Blood of the Earth:

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