One on One

Yossi Beilin

Born around the same time as Israel, Yossi Beilin discusses politics and peace activism.

Yossi Beilin’s notable involvement with politics and the Israeli peace process began in the 1970s and became a defining time of his career.

As a left-wing politician and government minister, he is best known for his role in the Oslo Accords, the Geneva Initiative, and the Israeli-Palestinian peace process in general.

Born around the same time that Israel itself was born, Yossi Beilin recalls that the “newness of everything was everywhere – one was actually proud of every sign of sovereignty, of independence”.

However, soon after, his childhood became influenced by the effects of the Holocaust on his community.

Through high school, then advanced studies at Tel Aviv University and later military service, Yossi Beilin sought to understand the path to peace.

In his conversation with Riz Khan, he explores the many influences on his career in public service as a politician, peacemaker, and businessman.

This episode of One on One aired from Saturday, August 28, 2010.