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One on One - Jody Williams

The American activist shares the inspiration behind her life-long work for human and civil rights.

Published On 27 Aug 2011
Gore Vidal

The novelist, playwright, screenwriter and essayist has been a leader in the American literary culture for six decades.

Published On 13 Aug 2011
Karen Armstrong, speaker and author on religious affairs

The religious scholar and former nun has called upon faith leaders to collaborate to promote peaceful coexistence.

Published On 5 Aug 2011
Wole Soyinka

The author and political activist promotes African culture as a UNESCO Goodwill Ambassador.

Published On 30 Jul 2011
Pat Buchanan

The columnist and political analyst has been a senior advisor to three presidents.

Published On 21 Jul 2011
Toumani Diabate

The award-winning Malian musician is a master of the traditional kora and collaborates across cultural genres.

Published On 13 Jul 2011
Anne Rice

The best-selling US author and novelist discusses her vampire novels and evolving faith.

Published On 9 Jul 2011
Ahmed Ahmed (for One on One)

The stand-up comedian and actor talks about addressing issues of ethnicity and culture through humour.

Published On 28 Jun 2011
Yvonne Chaka Chaka - for One on One

The South African singer and humanitarian, known as the “Princess of Africa”, discusses her charitable work.

Published On 21 Jun 2011
Tariq Ali

The British-Pakistani historian and writer has influenced the international left and public policy for decades.

Published On 16 Jun 2011