Joe Biden: What could his first 100 days in office bring?

Newly sworn-in US President Joe Biden signed more than a dozen executive orders on his first day on the job.

“Joe Biden wants to show he’s a man of action in his first few days in the Oval Office,” says Al Jazeera English correspondent Alan Fisher, reporting from Washington, DC.

“On day one, he signed more than a dozen executive orders, some of them overturning executive orders signed by Donald Trump, some setting out the path for what he plans to do next, including returning the United States into the Paris climate accord. But it’s what he does in the first 100 days will go a long way to decide how history judges the presidency of Joe Biden.”

Alan Fisher looks at what Biden’s first 100 days in office could bring.

This video was produced and edited by Al Jazeera Newsfeed’s Katya Bohdan.