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Is it safe to fly during the coronavirus pandemic?

Is it safe to get on a plane yet and how can we protect ourselves while travelling? We ask Dr Amir Khan.

One of the consequences of the coronavirus pandemic has been the enormous reduction in global air travel. 

Some airlines grounded their entire fleets, while others focused on cargo flights, in an effort to help keep supply chains functioning and make a profit.

Now, however, many carriers which had suspended operations are starting to return to the skies. EasyJet began offering a limited number of services earlier this month. 

Ryanair has done the same – and says it wants to reintroduce 40 percent of its schedule from July.

Air France and Lufthansa have also begun offering a bare-bones schedule. All are hoping to ramp up services as demand returns.

But how safe is it to get on a flight? And how high is the risk of infection? In this video, Dr Amir Khan explains how you can stay safe while travelling.

This video was produced and edited by Al Jazeera NewsFeed’s Katya Bohdan.