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Ghana’s dancing pallbearers: ‘Stay at home or dance with us’

Ghana’s viral dancing pallbearers are urging people to ‘stay at home or dance with us’ amid the coronavirus pandemic.

“Stay at home or dance with us.” That is the message these famous dancing pallbearers in Ghana wish to spread amid the global coronavirus pandemic. 

Nana Otafrija pallbearers are known for their extravagant outfits and dancing funeral services. 

They recently turned into a viral meme urging people to stay home in this trying time.

The group gained international attention after being featured in a 2017 BBC documentary.

Their goal is to change the perception of funerals – to celebrate life rather than mourn. 

“We want to thank all of the doctors in the world,” they posted on their social media. “You are working hard and taking care of everyone. Now remember, stay at home or dance with us.”

This report was produced and edited by Al Jazeera NewsFeed’s Seena Khalil.