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Chinese father builds ‘baby safety pod’ for son amid coronavirus

Father builds his two-month-old son a safety pod to protect him from COVID-19.

A father in China has gone to extraordinary lengths to protect his two-month-old baby from the coronavirus.

Cao Junjie of Shanghai designed and created a “baby safety pod” to protect his son while going outside.

Purified air is pumped into the small isolation pod, and it has built-in rubber gloves to prevent skin contact. Cao spent a month making it from a cat-carrier backpack.

“It can offer a totally isolated environment when going out,” Cao said. “It can provide a safe and comfortable environment for the baby.”

Babies are currently not considered at high-risk of COVID-19 and research has found the majority of children experience mild symptoms with few requiring hospitalisation.

But Cao still found it important to find a way to protect his son.

“At this moment, he is too small so he can’t wear a mask,” Fang Lulu, Cao’s wife, said. “And the mask can affect his breathing so it’s dangerous. I think the baby pod he has made is pretty safe. We have tried several times, so I feel relieved.”

This video was produced and edited by Al Jazeera NewsFeed’s Natalia Faisal.